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Free City of Oasis

The Free City of Oasis is located in the desert surrounding the Shrine of Compassion east of Britain. It's lore said that it was a free standing from the tyranny of Lord British and his laws. Hence no government was established and it was deemed a "Free City". The city was founded in June of 1999 (estimated). Unlike other player run establishments, such as the YMCA, the Free City of Oasis embraced PvP and hosted a a weekly "Fight Night" series on Sunday nights that was eventually sponsored by Electronic Arts.

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The Free City of Oasis was founded by Lord Jonas, smitten w love and Dyvim Slorm.

A quote from an unknown person involved with the founding of Oasis:

Oasis from its inception has always been a free city. Not free for all killing, looting, stealing, but free from the tyranny of Lord British and his laws. We were a self governed, self guarded and self sustaining city that welcomed ALL with open arms. Thieves, murderers, beggars, nobles, Dread Lords, and Virtuous people all resided side by side in the city of the sands. They all lived following the one rule of Oasis: Do not steal, kill, loot, any red, gray, or blue, while within the limits of the city. The Oasis Castle, which is haunted they say, has The Desert Rose Cafe in the center of the castle itself, on the second floor. It seats about sixteen to twenty people easily, and there’s even a flowered dance floor where people can dance with that special someone, barefoot of course. The castle has a newly installed rooftop temple that is available for wedding and other small events.

Rules of Oasis

  • No notoriety killing
  • No Order / Chaos faction fighting
  • No casting of Earthquake, Chain Lighting, or Meteor Swarm.
  • Casting Blade Spirits & Energy Vortex are allowed as long no judges are targeted.
  • No pets in the pits.

The Oasis Buildings

The Oasis Inn

The Rusty Anvil Tavern

Lurker's Library

Oasis Tavern

Large tower on the edge of the sands owned by Lord Minarus of OAS

The Dueling Pits

Consists of a Pit House, three small fighting pens, and a grand arena.

Oasis Fight Nights

Every Sunday night there was an Oasis fight night where the best of the shard could go head to head. Due to large crowds and poor server technology at the time, battles had strict rules that limited true PvP. No healing for example. Every year there was two or three seasons. At the end of the season all champions are invited back for the Final Fight Off. Single elimination and the top three fightings receive a prize. Show up and sign up.

Fight Night Rules

Notable Events

List of Fight Nights

  • Oasis Fight Night 65 - 5PM EST, Sunday, September 12th, 1999

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