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Pk Palace was originally the name of a small shack owned by Balinor in mainland Skare Brae. The house was used as a safe house by Balinor, KAIN ARGREM, Guddha and DARK PURIST. Anti-pk's discovered the house and that pk's were using it, and began to show up and circle the house periodically. Balinor changed the nickname of the house to Pk Palace. The actual formal guildstone was placed by SparHawk in the summer of 1999.

Pk Palace



Pk Palace (PkP) was a guild in the MMORPG Ultima Online that existed on the Sonoma shard. The name for the guild was first used in 1997 by Balinor as the name of a small house in mainland Skare Brae that he, along with DARK PURIST, KAIN ARGREM, and Guddha used as a safe house. The formal PkP Guildstone was purchased and placed by SparHawk in the summer of 1999 on a computer in Balinor's basement. A gathering of several of the initial members of the guild took place that weekend at Balinor's house in Washington state. The guild was involved in Guild to Guild Warfare, Order/Chaos warfare, player killing, and Faction Warfare. During the UO:R patch of Ultima Online, PkP was the dominant force on the Sonoma shard.