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About is a safe, impartial, community of gamer historians working to immortalize some of the most important online events of our time. We are a safe platform to record in-game events, collaboratively with other users, and create the most extensive user generated objective articles on these events using in-game videos, in-game screenshots, player & spectator accounts of what happened. is the encyclopedia & authority for historic events for gamers.

A clan, guild, faction or community is an organized group of players that regularly play together in one or more multiplayer online games. These groups of players range from being a few people, to 10,000+ player communities with often times complex hierarchical management structures. Clans exist in almost every multiplayer online game that is played today. Clans often times live longer than an individual game does, and these player communities will migrate to new games starting another chapter in as they create their own online history. Successful Clans have also grown into real life corporations & multi-million dollar professional eSports teams.

Create the world's largest archive of historical gaming events & clans through community driven efforts. We strive to be the authority of online video game historical events.

Types of Content We Discuss

Millions of epic battles are being fought on a daily basis in online games fueled by betrayals, espionage, anger & vitriolic hatred between clans. These battles enthrall thousands of people, drive immense amount of engagement, and fuel intense online rivalries. Right now armies of people are duking it out online for causes that are important to them.

Much of the outcomes of these battles are lost or disputed between sites with different sites and factions giving their own disputed account of what happened. Clanet aims to be the online authority for official clan warfare history and breakdowns through unbiased and impartial. Check out list of notable online events.

Clans & Guilds are social groups who play games and have a shared history together. We archive and record information about clans such as, notable members, important moments in clan history, leadership changes, changes in clan structure, impact on gaming culture, and notable events & battles the clan has been involved with. Check out some of our clan pages from the Clan List.

Individual gamers who have contributed to important historical gaming events & made their mark on gamer culture. Notable characters can include any characters that have made their mark on gamer culture, whether good, bad, villain, hero, role players to player killers. Check out our list of notable characters.

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