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Jump to: navigation, search is a group of gamer historians who are on a mission to record important events, clans, and gamers in online games. Gaming culture has been created by the gaming community at large, but there is no centralized authority for these cultural shifts. It's Clanet's aim to be the online resource & authority for this information through community driven content generation.

Thousands of online battles are fought on a daily basis. Battles that in many cases enthrall thousands of people, drive immense amount of engagement, and fuel intense online rivalries. These battles create an immense amount of content on the internet. From individual sites doing play by play breakdowns, to players justifying their strategies, to gamers wanting to show and advertise the contribution that they made to the given battle. This creates a fragmented archive of breakdowns from different battles across thousands of non-objective websites, making it difficult for readers to discover and learn from these events, clans, and people.