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About is a community of gaming historians on a mission to immortalize the rich cultural history of an entire generation of gamers. Our dedicated historians record historical gaming events, renowned clans, and notable gamers in an effort to both document & better understand our own history. Immortalize your own gaming history and become a historian today!

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” - Maya Angelou

History shapes society. George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware in 1776 helped change the entire landscape of North America. D-Day during WW2 was the awakening of a new major world power. The Apollo moon landings were largely responsible for the ambitions of an entire generation.

Gamers also have a very similar shared cultural history that is slipping through our fingertips on a daily basis. The Murder of Lord British in 1997, where the players of Ultima Online murdered the creator of the game during a public event, made people rethink contemporary game design of that era. The Corrupted Blood incident in World of Warcraft in 2005 was the very first online pandemic that drastically changed the way the community interacted with each other over a weeks period of time. The Bloodbath of B-R5RB in Eve Online was so important that people have published physical books on the event.

More than 42% of Americans are spending three or more hours a week playing online games. This time is not only having an impact on modern society but it is also a new chapter in our shared human history. Our gaming history. aims to drive deeper understanding of a rich cultural gaming heritage that is disappearing on a daily basis by creating tools that enable gamers to document their own gaming legacy.

Don’t let your gaming legacy be forgotten!

Types of Content We Discuss

Millions of epic battles are being fought on a daily basis in online games fueled by betrayals, espionage, anger & vitriolic hatred. These battles enthrall thousands of people, drive immense amount of engagement, and fuel intense online rivalries. Right now armies of people are crossing swords in online worlds for causes that are galvanizing & thought provoking.

Our gaming historians painstakingly record these battles through live videos, 3d replays, clips of important moments, player breakdowns, battle strategies & more.

Clans & guilds are social groups who play games together and create a shared history together. Our historians archive and record information about clans across games such as notable members, wars, leadership changes, and notable events. We follow clans across games recording their impact on gaming culture over multi decade periods of time. The clan & guild database is mapping the way gamers move across games with their social circles.

Individual gamers are the building blocks of all of our historical content. Every gamer has characters that are important parts of the cultural past of gaming. Our gaming historians record how they are making their mark on gaming culture by recording their exploits across games. Check out our gamer pages to see how we record gamers exploits across all the games they play & help them link their characters together.

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